Squeezing the juice: Ohio startup repurposes batteries that still have life for new uses

Glouster, Ohio, startup Re-POWER Second Life Battery Network will recycle lithium-ion batteries for additional use in other applications in a traditionally underserved rural area, reports Energy News Network. The group aims to collect and repurpose Li-ion batteries for a variety of devices including laptops and electric vehicles.

  • Li-ion batteries typically contain multiple cells, but when one cell gives out the whole battery pack usually gets thrown out. Re-POWER tests the packs and recovers the cells that still have viable life.
  • Re-POWER is part of a pilot program to produce battery packs for electric bikes, with an eventual goal of producing battery storage for homes or businesses.
  • The startup has a regional focus in Appalachia, which helps to create clean energy jobs and boost economic development in an economically hard-hit area. It could also create better decentralized energy options in rural areas.

Today’s headlines:

ūüĒč BATTERIES:¬†In other battery news, CBS 58 in Milwaukee¬†profiles¬†SafeLi, a startup spun out of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that won a¬†Department of Energy¬†grant earlier this year to commercialize their lithium-ion battery material that increases energy storage capacity while lowering battery costs.

‚öĖÔłŹ LAWSUIT:¬†California electric vehicle manufacturer¬†Karma Automotive¬†has filed a lawsuit against Ohio-based EV startup¬†Lordstown Motors¬†claiming intellectual property theft, breach of contract, and poaching employees,¬†reports The Detroit Bureau. The lawsuit seeks damages in addition to an injunction preventing Lordstown Motors from using Karma Automotive‚Äôs intellectual property.

‚ėĘÔłŹ NUCLEAR:¬†Chicago-based energy engineering firm¬†Sargent & Lundy¬†is partnering with¬†Fluor¬†and¬†NuScale Power¬†to design, construct, and market¬†new small modular nuclear power plants¬†in North America.

ūüíį FUNDING:¬†The¬†U.S. Department of Energy¬†is soliciting white papers from U.S. businesses or nonprofit organizations aiming to¬†develop high-performance fuels¬†that boost combustion engines‚Äô efficiency and cut emissions. Proposals are due Jan. 14.

ūü§Ě ACQUISITION:¬†Evanston, Illinois-based alternative asset manager¬†Magnetar Capital¬†acquired investment group¬†Lendlease‚Äôs renewable energy business unit, which will operate under the new name¬†Vesper Energy.

ūüŹÜ HONORS: Argonne National Laboratory¬†scientists¬†won five¬†2020¬†R&D¬†100¬†Awards¬†for technologies developed there, including a public domain model to help commercialize lithium-ion battery technologies and an innovation to convert carbon dioxide to products such as ethanol.

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