3D-printed drone device could monitor climate change

ūüĆ°ÔłŹ CLIMATE:¬†A¬†Kansas State University¬†professor is one of the leading researchers on a U.S. Army project to develop a 3D-printed, miniature holographic device that is installed on drones to¬†detect and characterize aerosols. Currently, the technology is primarily being tested on pollen and dust to understand the concentration of aerosols in the atmosphere, but it holds promise for other substances and applications, including¬†studying climate change.

‚õŹ COAL:¬†North Dakota state regulators approved additional funding for carbon capture and storage technology development that supporters say could help keep open a coal plant set to close in 2022,¬†reports The Bismarck Tribune.


  • St. Louis-based¬†CoverCress¬†is collaborating with the Salk Institute on using cutting-edge technologies to improve soil health and¬†organic carbon storage in crops.
  • A Silicon Prairie News article highlights how¬†The Combine¬†incubator at the¬†University of Nebraska‚Äôs innovation campus is helping to¬†launch new agtech startups.

ūü•§ PLASTICS: Argonne National Laboratory¬†and¬†Northwestern University¬†are collaborators on the¬†new BOTTLE consortium, a National Renewable Energy Laboratory-led effort to advance technologies that tackle the plastics pollution problem.

‚öĖÔłŹ SETTLEMENT: Dayton Power and Light Company¬†reached a settlement agreement¬†to resolve several cases. It will invest $249 million in capital projects over the next four years to modernize operations and install smart grid technologies.


  • Colorado School of Mines¬†researchers are using neutrons at¬†Oak Ridge National Laboratory¬†to investigate how to make crack-free welds on large thermal energy storage tanks at concentrating solar plants.

    A sample of a multi-pass welding technique on stainless steel. Photo credit: ORNL/Genevieve Martin.
  • In other ORNL news, a process developed there has been licensed by Dallas-based¬†Momentum Technologies¬†to¬†recover metals from lithium-ion batteries¬†for reuse.

ūüŹÜ AWARDS: The Cleanie Awards¬†announced its¬†2020 winners¬†who are driving innovation in clean energy. Michigan-based¬†Consumers Energy¬†received a new award recognizing its above-and-beyond efforts to keep the power on for customers during the pandemic.

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