Innovation reduces material degradation, helps longevity of hydrogen fuel cells

💧 HYDROGEN: Argonne National Laboratory led a team of researchers in studying polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells — energy efficient and eco-friendly hydrogen-based energy sources that could power vehicles but have performance limitations that prevent widespread commercialization. The scientists created a process that reduces material degradation by incorporating gold, which helps the fuel cells’ long-term operation and could make the products more marketable.

Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell research via atomic force microscopy. Image by Argonne National Laboratory.

🌞 SOLAR: Also at Argonne, a software engineer who uses artificial intelligence to monitor how birds interact with solar installations discussed his work during a one-on-one interview with the Center for Data Innovation.

🔋 BATTERIES: The U.S. Department of Energy joined other federal agencies in launching the Federal Consortium for Advanced Batteries to accelerate advanced energy storage development and establish a domestic supply of lithium batteries. The agencies view advanced batteries as critical for greater electric vehicle uptake and creating resilient, flexible power grids of the future.

🚰 WATER: Youngstown State University researchers are advancing a patented water decontamination technology that removes pharmaceuticals from tap water.

🎉 PRODUCT LAUNCH: West Concord, Minnesota-based farm water management company Elliston launched a software solution to help farmers manage their data and water management tools to boost efficient resource use and crop yield.

🏙️ BUILDINGS: The president of the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council penned a piece in Greentech Media detailing how Midwest communities can advance building electrification and eliminate fossil fuel-reliant systems, even in places with harsh winters.

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