Making manure marketable: Researchers try to boost anaerobic digestion in Iowa

🛢️ BIOFUEL: Iowa State University researchers are studying how to boost farmers’ interest in and profits from technologies that make biofuels from manure and other biomass, reports the Energy News Network. The process, called anaerobic digestion, produces renewable natural gas from biomass and has not widely caught on in the United States, although it’s popular in parts of Europe.

  • Iowa’s existing anaerobic digestors — less than a dozen — aren’t producing renewable natural gas as efficiently as they could and that prevents them from being profitable. The research team hopes to solve barriers that prevent the technology’s growth in Iowa by making it more efficient and lowering costs.
  • Iowa is an ideal location for expanding this technology because it produces more manure than any other state.
  • More widespread farmer adoption of anaerobic digestion could reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and waterway pollution.

🌞 SOLAR: Illinois is one of the places named in a HuffPost article where schools are adopting solar technologies not just for generating power, but also to teach students about green energy and possible clean energy careers.

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🚗 TRANSPORTATION: Vehicle testing has begun at Indianapolis-based Allison Transmission’s recently opened high-tech technology testing facility intended to advance the rapid development of both conventional and alternative fuel vehicles, reports Automotive World.

🌱 AGRICULTURE: A plant-growing dome from IOT-enabled indoor hydroponics startup Evergreen CLE will be installed at the Cleveland Public Library’s downtown branch to spark discussions about indoor urban farming, according to It’s one of six new projects supported by The Lab @ Cuyahoga County, a program connecting entrepreneurs with the public sector for real-world innovation testing.


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