How combining biology with computing might fuel innovation

The team at Centered would like to acknowledge and express our solidarity with the communities, organizations, and individuals demanding justice for the killing of George Floyd. Stay safe and speak up as this is not the moment to be silent.

Today’s headlines:

🧬  BIOTECH: A McKinsey researcher writes that the convergence of biology and computing is poised to unlock a new wave of innovation that could affect virtually every sector, from prosthetics to farming. (Fast Company)

📻  SMART METERS: An Iowa utility encounters resistance to its smart meter rollout in a community where many residents believe radiofrequency radiation is harmful to human health. (Business Insider)

🚀  SPACEX LAUNCH: A University of Michigan graduate was integral in designing the solar panels that will power the SpaceX shuttle that launched Saturday. Midland native Bryan Mazor graduated with a physics degree in 2014. (Midland Daily News)

🔋  FUEL CELLS: Midwest nuclear generators are exploring the potential of producing hydrogen on site, creating a new source of carbon-free hydrogen for use in fuel cells. (Energy News Network)

💰 FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: The U.S. Department of Energy has announced $30 million in funding for cost-shared research and development related to small-scale solid oxide fuel cell systems and hybrid energy systems. (

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